How to add a Coupon

Click on Admin.

Click on Marketing.

Click on Add.

Edit Coupon Page in Coupon Editor.

Create Name and choose if coupon applies to Inventory Item or Receipt.

Indicate Start date and Expiration date by clicking on calendar icon.

Indicate Amount value and select % or $ sign.

Indicate Minimum item value.

If a coupon applies to Inventory Item, indicate Number of items this coupon applies to, and Maximum identical coupons allowed or check Unlimited.

Check the category that applies. If Coupon is active put a check next to it.

If you selected Receipt, indicate Start Date and Expiration Date, Amount, % or $, Minimum item value, and check the categories that apply. If Coupon is active put a check mark next to it.

Click Save if you wish to save.

Coupon Name should be unique. If not, the following window will appear. Click OK. Then edit Coupon Name.

Edit coupon Name and then click on Save.

The following window will appear. Click Yes to save or No to cancel.

The saved coupon will appear in the Coupons List.

Click Back to go back.

If you want inactive coupons to appear in the Coupons List, put a check mark next to Show inactive coupons.

Right click on the coupon to show the category list.  Select the categories to be included in the list or deselect to remove. When you deselect, check marks and categories will be removed from the list.

If you wish to generate QR Code, click on Generate QR Code button.

Select folder where you want to save comeback coupon. Then click on Open button.

To save comeback coupon click on Save button.

Comeback Coupon will be saved.













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