How to back up your ROIPOS database

Go to Admin

Go to Company Preferences

Go to Backups

Choose your Backup folder if it has not been done already earlier. It is recommended to choose your Dropbox folder to simplify the process of servicing for support team in case of technical issues.

Click on Browse button

Select a folder for your ROIPOS backups and click OK.

Click on Backup Now button.

If backup is successful you should see a new row added to Backup History list with Success Result for current time. You should also see where it was saved in File Path column.

In case of an error a dialog is displayed with an error message.

If this error occurs choose a different folder which is writable. For example, you should not have any problems with Dropbox folder or User Documents folder.

Saved backup you will be able to use later to restore you ROIPOS database in case of any issues with current database.

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