How to edit Stock Items

Go to Inventory – Stock Items

Select an item you want to edit,  double click will bring up a dialogue box for the item.

There are three types of items,  Inventory,  Non-Inventory, and Services.  Inventoried items are ones you want to keep a running quantity / stock of.  Non-Inventory are items you have for sale that dont need a stock amount, and Services are offerings for the different carrier shipments or offers like FingerPrints and Notary.

You can further describe items with Departments or Tie them with a specific Vendor.

The ID number can be used to search for the item in inventory as well as add a UPC barcode to Scan the item.  We also have added a Re-order point to show items that need to be re-ordered on our item reports.

Save to lock in any changes.

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