How to restore Held Receipt

Go to Point of Sale.

Click on Held Receipts.

The list of all held receipts is shown. Receipts are shown in descending order, with most recent on top.

To open a receipt, select held receipt double left click on it.

The receipt will be opened in a new window.

Another way to open a receipt is to single left click on it and press Select Receipt button. This will close the list of held receipts and the receipt will be restored.

To delete a receipt select single left click on it to select and press Delete button.

Press Yes in the dialogue window that appears if you wish to delete a receipt, or No to go back to the list of receipts.

Another way to delete a receipt is to put a Check mark next to a receipt in the box of the Select column and press Delete Selected Receipts button. Deleted receipt will be removed from the list.

To close the window press Cancel

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